The roof is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any building, provides protection against the elements and harsh Australian climate. After years of constant exposure to North Queensland weather, your roof will eventually need to be repaired. Re-roofing involves removing areas of the existing roof and creating a new one. Existing structural supports may be used with the new design, saving you money on labour and materials.

Disadvantages of Painting

  • With painting no structural upgrades including extra battens and cyclonic tie-downs upgrades
  • No Building Certifications Form 21
  • No possible reduction with Insurance premiums
  • No 25-year warranty
  • You may pay 60% -70 % cost of a new roof without receiving structural upgrades or insulation
  • Painting May seal the laps trapping condensation causing sweating to reduce life span with the roof

Advantages of a New Roof Replacement

  • Peace of mind
  • Installation with licensed contractors
  • Building certification Form 21
  • 25-year warranty on materials
  • Structural Upgrades to the cyclonic Australia building code
  • The installation of the insulation under the roof sheeting R3.0 System
  • As well the insulation abilities also stop condensation in ceiling space
  • Usually additional cost are 30 to 40% above painting for 100% investment