The Reasons Why to Pick ColorBond

Choose Colorbond:registered: Steel For Your Roofing in North Queensland
The Advantages Of Using Colorbond Steel:

Here in Australia, our buildings face challenging weather conditions such as extreme hot and cold conditions, rain, wind, hail and dust, causing all our roofs to all degrade over time meaning that they will have to eventually get replace. There are few tell-tale signs to look out for to know when replacement is unavoidable.

Some of these signs can range from old tiles becoming brittle, substantial sand deposits in the spouting, or even metal roofs rusting due to there protective layer being worn away.

When these signs show up, it means that its time to get a re-roof done and you should be choosing a roofing that is going to last.

The Advantage of Choosing Colorbond Steel is that its made to last due to the corrosion, durability, exposure and application testing that is done around Australia to make sure that it can withstand any condition mother nature decides to throw at it while giving your home a fresh new colourful look.

What Is Colorbond Roofing:

Colorbond is quite a popular phrase when in reference to a coated-steel roofing material, but in fact it’s a company known Worldwide. In Australia, Colorbond is normally implemented when referring to corrugated iron, even though it is a steel roofing product.

The Colorbond Company has now been around for over 45 years now becoming quite a popular choice in Australia gaining reputation as the most favoured roofing material due to its high quality roofing material that has gone through the special process putting an end to the need for expensive repainting job or repairs.

Colorbond offers a range of colour choices for roofing including the contemporary range as well as their classic line.

Why Choose Colorbond?:

  1. Ideal for Every Home Design

Due to its lightweight and strong nature, Colorbond Steel Roofing is one of the most flexible roofing materials available. It is ideal for a wide range of home designs from traditional to contemporary roofing, for re-roofing, roof repairs and roof restoration Townsville to Cairns and Mackay.

  1. Colorbond Warranty

All building materials that are manufactured by Colorbond Steel are backed by warranties from Australia’s BlueScope Steel. Extensive testing and research have been carried out to make sure that its products are built for Australian conditions and built to last. Therefore, you will have peace of mind after completing your roofing, roof repairs or roof restoration.

  1. Protects From The Harsh Weather Of Queensland

Since Townsville climatic conditions can be unforgiving and severe, homes should be built with roofing materials that withstand these unforgiving conditions. Colorbond steel roofing is strong and durable and tested to provided protection; hence it is the perfect choice for re-roofing, roof repairs and roof restoration Townsville to Cairns and Mackay.

  1. Increased Home Value

Colorbond steel roofing is one of Australia’s preferred roofing material. Its clean aesthetic lines will greatly enhance the appearance of your home and as a result the value of your home will increase and that is one reason it is used for roofing Townsville to Cairns and Mackay. Colorbond roofing comes in a wide variety of colours, giving you the opportunity to match in with your surrounding and neighborhood.

Colorbond also enables you to match the different areas of your home by using the wide variety of Colorbond products that include:

  • Fencing
  • Guttering
  • Garages and Sheds
  1. Solar Reflective

Colorbond Steel Roofing design includes a solar reflective technology that will help maintain more consistent temperatures inside your home throughout the year. Colorbond Steel cools quickly when the sun sets, helping keep away that horrible summer heat while during winter, combined with insulation, helps to keep your home warm making Colorbond the perfect choice for you re-roofing, roof repairs and roof restoration Townsville to Cairns and Mackay.